Banana Milk is a group of people living on one of the most beautiful of the Canary Islands – Tenerife. We have abandoned work in corporations and comfortable positions for independence and fulfillment in the real world. We are open to new challenges and continuous development. We search and get inspired but we try to experience the present – to be here and now. What unites us is friendship, positive attitude to life and a desire to share our passions.


  • vegan cuisine enthusiasts with years of experience
  • qualified instructors of yoga, surfing and diving
  • the guides born on the island who know all its nooks and crannies


  • extensive knowledge of vegan cuisine supported by many years of practice
  • experience in organising catering and holiday trips
  • professional and devoted customer service


  • culinary experimentation and discovery, and the search for new tastes
  • healthy lifestyle, yoga, surfing, music and being creative
  • contact with nature, animals, ocean, beach and uncovering magical places
  • celebrating moments, meeting interesting people and inspiring conversations